Globalization and Localism
Perast, 26th August – 15th September

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Monday, 27th August
09.30-11.00 Opening Session Welcome Addresses by Co-Directors of the Summer School Prof. Vukasin Pavlovic and Prof. Margaret Blunden, Welcome Address by Mr. Nikola Konjevic, Mayor of Kotor, Introduction of all participants
11.30-12.15 Prof. Margaret Blunden, Globalisation and the Maintenance of Stability
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Introductory Session, Marina Pavlovic)

Tuesday, 28th August
09.30-10.15 Prof. Vojislav Stanovcic, Good Governance and the Rule of Law
10.30-11.15 Prof. Vucina Vasovic, Globalisation, State and Democracy
11.30-12.15 Prof. Margaret Blunden, Good Governance – Management of Expectations
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club

Wednesday, 29th August
09.30-10.15 Prof. Joseph Julian, East, West – Good Governance in Age of Transition
10.30-11.15 Prof. Vukasin Pavlovic, Global Risk Society
11.30-12.15 Prof. Margaret Blunden, Rethinking Public Policy Making
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club

Thursday, 30th August
09.30-10.15 Prof. Margaret Blunden, Political Regulation and Market Regulation
10.30-11.15 Prof. Joseph Julian – The New Economy – From Vasco da Gama to Bill Gates
11.30-12.15 Prof, Ilija Vujacic, Common Good, the Rule of Law and Neutral State
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Obrad Savic: Globalisation and Collapse of the Classical Concept of Sovereignty)

Friday, 31st August
09.30-10.15 Prof. Ilija Vujacic, Republican and Communitarian Foundations of Democracy and Citizenship
10.30-11.15 Prof. Vukasin Pavlovic, Global Civil Society
11.30-12.15 Prof. Ilija Vujacic, What is Wrong with Communitarian Approach to Multiculturalism?

Monday, 3rd September
09.30-10.15 Obrad Savic, Globalisation and Human Rights
10.30-11.15 Dusan Bjelic, Globalisation and its Constraints
11.30-12.15 Prof. Colin Sparks, The Media after Communism: Lessons from Central Europe
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Dusan Bjelic, Discursive Geography of Balkansim within the Context of Globalisation)

Tuesday, 4th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. Vucina Vasovic, Good Governance, Democracy and Party Groupings in Post-Communist Countries
10.30-11.15 Prof. Joseph Julian, The Regional Divide: Prospects from Global Democracy
11.30-12.15 Prof. Colin Sparks, What are the Obstacles to the Establishment of Democratic Media in Former Communist Countries?
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club

Wednesday, 5th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. Mirjana Vasovic, Perceptions of Corruption in Serbia
10.30-11.15 Prof. Vojislav Stanovcic, Constitutionalism, Human Rights and Separation of Powers
11.30-12.15 Prof. Colin Sparks, Perspectives on Media and Democratisation: Comparing Europe and Asia
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club

Thursday, 6th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. Mirjana Vasovic, Serbian Entrepreneurs Perceptions of Corruption
10.30-11.15 Prof. Vukasin Pavlovic, Civil Society and Democracy in Serbia
11.30-12.15 Prof. Vojislav Stanovcic, Religion/Church and Politics in Nation-State Building
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Dr Gregor Ryssel, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Belgrade)

Friday, 7th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. Mirjana Vasovic, Perceptions of Serbian Democratic Transformation
10.30-11.15 Prof. Vucina Vasovic, Possibilities and Problems of Democratic Transformation in Yugoslavia
11.30-12.15 Prof. Joseph Julian, The Global Market Place: Local Culture, Tradition and the Quality of Life
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Sladjana Prica, Director of the Department of OSCE and the Council of Europe in the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia)

Monday, 10th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. Zagorka Golubovic, New Quality of Life as a Precondition for a Good Governance
10.30-11.15 Prof. Jeffrey Straussman, Assessing Government Performance in the New Global Setting
11.30-12.15 Dr. Richard Whitman, Building Societal Security
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Paul Denig, Counsellor for Public Affairs, US Embassy, Belgrade)

Tuesday, 11th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. William Sullivan, Government Administration and Companies Accountability
10.30-11.15 Prof. Zagorka Golubovic, The Building of Citizens as Free Personality
11.30-12.15 Dr. Richard Whitman, The EU as Superpower. The Development as a Defence Identity for the EU
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Muriel Kirton, Director of British Council, Belgrade)

Wednesday, 12th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. Jeffrey Straussman, Public Administration: Responding to the Demands of Globalisation
10.30-11.15 Prof. Zagorka Golubovic, Nationalism, Democracy and Multiculturalism
11.30-12.15 Dr. Richard Whitman, The EU between International and World Society
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club (Guest: Srdjan Darmanovic, Democratic Transformation in Montenegro)

Thursday, 13th September
09.30-10.15 Prof. William Sullivan, Expanding Capacities for Good Governance
10.30-11.15 Prof. Mijat Damjanovic, Rational Choice and Local Government
11.30-12.15 Dr. Radmila Nakarada, Towards Self-Sustaining Peace
18.00-20.00 Students’ Debate Club

Friday, 14th September
09.30-10.15 Is there a Future for Local Government?
10.30-11.15 Prof. Miroslav Pecujlic, Challenges to Good Governance in Present Stage of Globalisation
11.30-12.15 Closing Session: Evaluation of the School